Bellevue Table Tennis Club

BTTC News (Last update: Aug. 5, 2022)

The Bellevue Table Tennis Club’s facility rentals at Crossroads Community Center and the Club’s Agreement for Services with the City of Bellevue dated December 14, 2021, are suspended from August 5, 2022, until September 4, 2022. This suspension will include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday table tennis programs. Get more details here.

Coming tournament: TBD
2019 Bellevue Fall Open Winners

Let's go green.
Our tournament online registration is available at Follow 4 steps below to register your events (the complete instructions are also available).
1. Login: If you are not a Omni-Pong member, follow the instructions on the website to register as a member.
2. Find BTTC hosted tournament and click "Enter" button under "Action" column. You will see your summary page.
3. Click "Events" on the left pane, you will see your event page.
4. Click each "Enter" button to register your events.

Note, you still need to mail your check to BTTC before the deadline.

Schedule & Fees (BTTC membership annual fee: $120.00)

Event Time Fee/Person
Drop-in Sunday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Free (BTTC member)
$8.00 (Non-BTTC member)
Drop-in Friday 5:00 pm - 6:45 pm $4.00 (Bellevue residents)
$5.00 (Non-Bellevue residents)
Drop-in Saturday 9:15 am - 11:15 am $4.00 (Bellevue residents)
$5.00 (Non-Bellevue residents)

Special Programs on a first-come first-served basis

Lesson Sundays Fee/Hour Active Coach
Individual 9:00 am—1:00 pm
    $20.00/40min (BTTC member)
    $25.00/40min (Non-BTTC member)
  • Ryan Chan
  • Peter Chang
  • Philip Fung
  • Utako Kase
  • Jerry Li
  • Kei Wakabayashi
  • Mei Wang
  • Yute Wang
  • King Wu
  • David Ye

Special Thanks to Tommy Chung, Vadym Denysenko, Howard Grossman, Cindy Liu, Steve Ma, Chris Pham, Kelly Wang and Sophie Ye who had coached at BTTC before.

All of the club coaches are volunteers and the fees are donated to BTTC.